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Chapter 5.2: The other bladers 

Dixy put her Bey on the launcher and into position. I did mine saying, “Aright!”

            As soon as we yelled, “LET IT RIP” my lesson had begun. The first thing I observed was that Minerva was moving in a weird way. It was drawing some invisible shape.  Defense stance… hmm… I can’t seem to read it. I told Behemoth to stay back a few inches. Now, let’s see…

            “This is only one of Minerva’s main defensive mode,” Dixy explained, “My strategy relies on this, right here, at least for the very beginning to end. Each Blader you faced had a main strategy as well. Asher’s Turkey King keeps on running until there’s a clear chance, Leo needs to be able to listen to the vibrations the Beys make, and he uses his ears as his eyes.”

            “Dixy,” Leo snapped, “Don’t just go and yap out our secrets!”

            “The triplets focus on the theme of teamwork to win their battles,” Dixy continued.

            “But we call…,” Flynn corrected, “We call it Amigo work!”

            “Si,” Flynn’s sisters agreed.

            “And Corn’s Bey needs sound waves to keep its spin,” Dixy finished.

            “The higher the tempos, the greater Furry ‘spin power and speed!” Corn added proudly.

            Ah, yes. I see now that I’ve been told should’ve studied harder.  Oh, well, I’ll just have to pay close attention to Minerva. It’s up to me to discover her technique. Watch… hmm… oh, it was making an X. Now a Y. Z… back to A… B… C… I got it. It’s moving in an alphabet pattern. That’s her lines of attack! This’ll be tough to avoid, but here I come!

            “Get her, Behemoth, my friend,” I called out, “Be extra careful now.”

            Yes… It’s working. It’s actually working. I would win this, if this were only a real battle. I got Behemoth to stop in Dixy’s Bey’s tracks. Now it was damaging her really well. Yippee!

            “Well, done, my cup- Kira,” Dixy approved, “Okay, now, let’s go see the spirits in action! Minerva, Special Move! Beginner’s UN-Lucky Day!”

            Huh?  I’m I suddenly falling? Feels like it…





            Where was I? I tried to take a step. I couldn’t. Something was stuck on my shoes. Was this gum? Cotton Candy? Glue of any kind? No, this was… I’m standing on a life-sized silky weaving hanging down somewhere. I was speechless at this. Huh, who-what’s- What are those. Yikes! A giant spider! It was wrapping some other monster around.

            “You wish to win,” a voice whispered from behind, “This is practice, but still.”

            “Dixy,” I chocked turning over, “Is that Behemoth?

            “Yes,” Dixy replied, “It’s going to be that spider’s breakfast. The only way to escape would be to use a special move.”

            A special move, but… yeah, okay, fine. I can whip up a move. May not be the best, but here goes nothing… whoa… what? What was a turtle-like best doing here… oh, and a flying thing, a beast with an ax… what the… what gives here?

            “Oh… sinkers doodles, “Dixy whispered to herself then exclaimed even higher, “Oh god!”

            Dixy’s Spider gets hit by the ax! And it vanishes! What happened? Are these from anyone’s Beys too? Are they? The world faded away… I was back at the stadium.

            “Give that back,” a familiar voice boomed. It belonged to Yoshio Iwayama! Behind him was a shaking Dixy kneeling head down. Her Bey was in front of her. I looked around. All the other roommates were out to now. Inside the stadium, my Behemoth was circling each Bey.

            “Boy, I said give the Bey back,” Yoshio repeated sternly.

            “These Turkey kings are always causing trouble around here,” Genjiro accused.

            “No, we weren’t, we did nada” Finn convinced.

            “We were just playing with him,” Asher explained, “He wanted us too, and we granted his wish.”

            “Leave the slugfests to us, you boneheads!” Spike ordered.

            Boneheads, did he call them boneheads? What a mean name! These are no boneheads. These guys are! I’ll prove it! I’ll battle these boneheads as we speak!

            “Behemoth, Special… er… Move,” I hesitated, “Iron Brave!”

            “Whoops… this is bad,” Capt. Arrow moaned.

            Wow… what’s this? My Bey is… glowing… I’m glowing… what’s this strange feeling I have… I gasp as Behemoth knocks all the Beys out. Everything then returns to normal. Hey, Bemomoth’s still spinning!  Wow! That means… I won that! I won it! I WON! I retrieved the Bey and stared at it. You are amazing, aren’t you Behemoth? You sure are…

            “Give it,” Capt. Arrow grabbed the Bey out from my hand, “Naughty boy, huh?”

            “Hangn’ with the naughty turkey’s too,” Genjiro nodded eyeing the group.

            Dixy slowly stands up, her face getting wet. She sobbed, “Yoshio, I’m so sorry. It was their idea… I tried my hardest to say otherwise, however… Corn almost agreed but… but…” Dixy bursts into tears.

            “He is good,” Corn lightened up.

            Yoshio only groaned at that. He was crosser than ever. The others in his room were as well. I guess, the fact that I was good didn’t cut it.

            “I’m sorry,” I dropped onto my knees, “Really! I only was curious about that Bey. Really!”

            “Well, kid, you have better not been spotted by those Gar-“ Yoshio begun but was interrupted by someone bursting in.

            “Amazing, just amazing, huh,” Enzo bounced around the hall chanting this over and over.  He stopped in the middle of the crowd and just stared at everyone grinning for a minute. This grin faded into an enraged frown and said, “That wasn’t amazing.”

            No one needed to question what he was saying. It was me that was the un-amazing thing. I was upon greed for a new Bey. I stole Behemoth, and the Kings took it as a “let’s have fun with it” thing. I did have fun… I guess… if only I had won those…

            The rest of the family pops in on us. They are not so thrilled either. They’ve must all of watch everything on some spy cam. What now? I guess too get this place back to normal. My time here is about to be over… over… and I’d go off all alone… alone… with nobody… nobody.

            I got up, and took my time to get back into my room. I threw on my coat, covered my girly face with the hood. I fetched my pack, and placed it behind. I make it back out, where nothing budged the whole time. We starred at each other with frozen eyes.          I’m going to miss all of them. Especially… Dixy An…  

            “Farewell,” were my last words to everybody. I went over to the door. Just as I was about to open it, I hear a voice. A French robot.

            “Wait a minute, are you all really letting him go like that?” The voice questioned, “Into a world of isolation of people like him!”

            “Merci,” Argo sighed, “There’s nothing too special about him.”

            “Oh really,” Merci chuckled, “Well, I disagree… see, I’ve seen the footage too…”

            A computer saw footage of the battles? How’s this important? Huh? Who the heck is that machine? This place’s system it must be. Cool. But, eh, so what, Maybe homeless people are not so bad. Still, what is he saying?

    “This blader’s very incredible indeed, he was able to control most of the power. Heck, he even made up a special move. How many can do that in a single day?” Merci asked.

    “Merci, “ Argo mumbled, “He had broken our trust! Selen, this is all your fault!”

    “My fault,” Selen whimpered, “I was trying to do a good deed, how is that a problem?”

     “Who said he could have the Bey in the first place?” Ian asked.

    Everyone fell silent. Finally, Capt. Arrow admitted, “I showed him the Bey… I didn’t know this’ll happen, really. I only was showing it off!”

“And these Turkey Kings took this even further,” Yoshio informed.

    The Turkey Kings were still and quiet. Looks like they really did break a law. Now the shame’s on them. I gave them the mood. I shouldn’t have just took Behemoth, and battle with it. I could've hurt myself again, just as I did a week ago. I am this desperate, aren’t I? Desperate to win! I did beat them, but was that enough? No, I want to win even more. Where there’s an audience. Where they can see… me.

    “If I were leader,” Merci said, “I would keep the kid. Wouldn’t you want to stay, and train with us?”

    Stay here and train? Forever… why, that would be swell. What does everyone else say? I’ll stay if I could. If it means improving my skill, hell yeah!  That sounds quite fun. Training with these buddies will make me gain fans all around. I’ll even surpass Lexa here. Please, let me stay.

    “He would be all alone if you just free Kira,” Merci persuaded, “Wouldn’t you all feel the same?”

    “We were already,” Selen recalled, “And that’s why were here today.”

    “The kid doesn’t deserve to be treated like he does,” Enzo agreed,“We can teach him to beat em’ back!”

    “Uh…” Argo thought turning to Yoshio, “What you think?”

    “Hmm… he’s such a good kid, I can tell,” Yoshio responded,”If the kid really wants to stay, fine. It doesn’t really matter, right guys.”

    Yoshio’s roommates agreed. Then they looked at the Turkey Kings, still looking ashamed. Dixy stood up. Looks like she wanted me to leave. But why?

    “No, this is not a good idea,” she debated then goes up to me, “Listen, Kira… this place is not such a candyland, ignore what Merci says. Trust me, this place will harden you.”

    “Harden me?” I asked puzzled, “What do you mean?”

    “These guys may seem like regular ole’ blader’s. But they aren’t. They…. they are trained the wrong way, and it’s no natural way.” Dixy tried to explain.

     Trained the wrong way? There was a wrong way to train someone? That’s the most wonderful story I heard so far. No place’ll harden me. I’m already hardened by the outside.

     “Wrong way, or not,” I replied sternly, “I must take this offer. If it’s the key to more respect… why would I refuse it?”

    Dixy jumped back, widening her eyes. She tugged her braids, as if she wanted to rip them out. She shook her head and took a breath. She grabbed a hand and squeezed it. “Kira, this is because… your…. you’re a rather unique kid… uh… I don’t want harm to take over you,” she breathed, “You’ll become worse than them…”

    “What does Dixy mean,” I asked everyone else.

    No answer. Should I stay, or should I listen to Dixy? I do fall for her, but… oh… I don’t know.

    “Dixy, you rotten girl,” Merci groaned, “She’s learning nothing. Get her away from Kira!”

    “Let go of him,” Asher ordered, “Or else.”

    Dixy disobeyed. She only squeezed him hand tighter. “Why Kira, huh?” she wailed.

    “Very well… you just don’t wanna see your new BF fall into the hands of us,” Merci considered, “What will you do Kira? If you choose to stay, come up to the office, right away!”   

     Oh boy… would I really get hurt training here? Would I turn into a monster or something? No, that’s just a bunch of lies. Right? I could go back out… but…

    “Lexa, can I beyblade with you today?” I asked my big brother. “Uh, okay, fine. If…,” Lexa started to answer turning away from me. “If what?” I asked again. “If you act like a gentleman,” Lexa finished crossing his arms, turning back, “Don’t take your purse, and… please change your clothes!” “Change m-my clothes… but…” I stammered looking at my clothing. I was wearing a lavender underdress and a pink over shirt. “Kira, you’re not a lady, are you? Ugh… you should act you’re gender you know? When… just when, will you get it memorized?” Lexa shrugged. Err… my brother! Why is he like this?   

“What a party,” I thought continuing to bawl. I could hear everything that was going on low on the ground quite clearly.  Every word… every little word. It’s like I do not exist. Err… I stood up, up to my knees and started off to the side of the platform and held on to the bar. “Bladers!” I called out with a growl. “What does that girl want now?” Someone rolled away their eyes. “He’s creeping me out, dad,” a three year old gulped. “Don’t listen to that kid,” Lexa told everybody, “Kira is just getting attention, the woman’s way.” “I am no WOMAN! I’m a boy! A different boy, but that’s okay!” I argued shaking off tears. “Is not, girly boy!” someone argued back. “Yeah,” agreed the others. Then, they all burst out giggling, and pointed at me.  “You are a girl! A girly, girly, girly guy!” everyone sneered.  “Stop it! Stop! You’re wounding me!” I roared.

        No one listened. Not even one person is sticking up for me, as always. What’s wrong with me? What I’m I do to? I’m growing utterly nauseous at this all. I’m losing my calm. I can’t think! I’m drowning in this chaos. I can’t bare it no more! “LEXA!” I screamed out to my brother, “Help me!” “Well, well, well,” Lexa answered my call turning and headed towards me, “I was starting to wonder when’d give up getting your peers to quit their actions toward you.” “I still want them to stop!” I quaked. “I know you do, Kira!” Lexa agreed then called to his buddies, “Isa, Rocky retrieve you’re Beys! It’s time!” “Time for what?” I questioned sniffing.  “In order to stop the pain, we’ll need to put you to an end! Got it memorized?” “Yeah, okay… “I accepted not really understanding what he really meant. As long as this… this feeling of… anger and sadness rises away, I don’t care what it is! “We have them,” Rocky reported as he and Isa walked up to him. “Good. Now, launch them, into the stadium. Hurry!” Rocky and Isa did what they were told yelling out, “Let It Rip!” “Kira,” Lexa called up, “Are you hearing me!” “Huh-uh, I can!” I responded without sensing what was really happing. “Jump, Kira! Jump into the stadium! Think of freedom and being happy! Think… about, reuniting… reuniting with Ma and Pa!”

Now, that Lexa was letting me go to this land, I won’t have to shed tears any longer. My eyes grew wide. I still could hear laughing, but it was so muffled now. I didn’t even feel like myself. I felt like a blank. And I had that appearance. I looked down at my landing target. Beys were spinning in it. Fast. Soon, I will be spinning too, spinning far away from this cruel world, really. “One…two…three,” I counted bending my legs, “Let me rip!” And just like that, I closed my eyes, and took a breath and dived toward my end.  

My live is still going. It’s making me choke to think about. If only I was already dead… yesterdays events wouldn’t exist either, right?

“Oh, look! It’s the Dude who acts like a lady,” A boy I came to know was named Toju noticed me entering the park. “Uh, what happened to your eye?” asked one of Toju’s buddies. “An accident, a Bey-blade accident, nothing more,” I answered putting my hands on my hips.  “Why are you here, then?” Toju grumbled, “Every time I practice, you come and spoil it.” “Why do you always come to chat, then,” I asked raising a brow. “My mamma says, guys like you are worthless and dumb. And you are Girly dude.” A worthless and dumb girly dude, how dare he called me that! Err…

            “Why are you calling him a girly dude?” Toju’s friend asked him. “Cause, that’s what he is. Don’t you see his outfit? He’s practically got a dress on!” Toju answered him. “My daddy says never judge anybody by appearances,” the friend replied. “Yeah, well, everyone else agrees, this dude is a girl… Sakyo…” “A girl…girl…girl… is that what you really see in him, huh? Hmm, I see you as a bad friend!”

    “Not now!” Toju told him, “Look behind you!” The kid did and caught me. He spurted out giggle, and then slowly backed away. “Don’t laugh and run away from me,” I told the kid then to Toju, “You should try on girls’ clothes on for once!”  “Yeah!” Sakyo agreed. “Sakyo…” a woman called. A woman came upon the children. “Mama, that kid’s making fun of the bigger one!” Sakyo tattled. The older lady gave a glance at me gasped, “EEK! I’ve heard a lot about you! You should go… I’m not letting my own son see another boy like you!” “Mama,” Sakyo gasped in disbelieve, “Dad says…” “Shush, boy. C’mon we’re leaving this park,” the mother demanded grabbing her son’s arm and dragged him away. “Everyone else agrees,” Toju repeated once more then ran over to the buddy who invited him for a match, “So, uh… would you like to battle now?” “Um… sure, but let’s go to a different park,” The other kid trembled.  “Why should we?” asked Toju. “Y-you know why,” the other boy said. “You said it yourself, everyone agrees… I’m not going to be here, along with some dudette.” “C’mon, man, just take no notice of him, “Toju influenced.

    And that begin the worst of it. It gets even worse after…

I dropped down on all fours and started to sob, “STOP! YOUR ALL ACHING ME!” That just made the laughing double up. Toju come up and got into my face. “Think you’re gonna make us stop like that, huh? As long as you act like yourself… I’ll never… no one’ll ever be friends with you!” He snarled, then kicked me right in the gut, making me fly a few inches. “Why… you? Trying to be violent now,” I cried, “You sick… bully!”

        Bullies have never abused me like that before… except when Lexa slaps me and stuff. Still, how could a kid my age do that? Shows their inner hatred of me for sure, I just… wanted to be gone. I sniveled, in a way showing my wrath, my terrified and my misery into one whole emotion.

        “Ha…ha…” Toju sneered, “Yes, cry us a river to swim in, you… you scrawny, revolting, freaky feminine beast!” What horrid words to describe a person.

It’s impossible… more laughter, harsh words, being scared away, pointing, everything, from anyone. “See that kid?  He’s supposed to be dead!  But, he’s not. See his outfit? Don’t hang with kiddos like him,” a mother advised her children watching me from a bench. “AGH, it’s… a… a scary looking dude,” A kid yelled sprinting away from behind me. Scary looking… I looked down at myself as a man walked up to me and asked, “Are you a girl…” “Huh,” I asked looking up, “Um, I’m a boy. Doesn’t it look like it?” “You’re a… a…holy cow!  You’re a fudging beach ball for wearing all that ship,” the man gasped then walked away muttering, “Who fudging raised you, girly?”

        … Who raised me? No one raises this scary dude now, since I was assumed to not exist anymore. How could I still exist? Why am I still here, in a place where I’m hated all around? I thought about this as I wandered around, feeling miserable, outraged and distress. By the time dusk came, I couldn’t take it no more. I dropped my bag, and fell face first onto it, then rolled over on to my back.

Those sick fools. They’ll always throw me around. And I would only sob out… for everyone to see. I’m so helpless out there… It drowns me! Thier words, actions… everything! I’d go out and die! If no one accepts me, why bother? Huh? I am dead. Kira Hayama is living no more. At least for now. I won’t go back until I become a double digit. Until then, I’ll train right here, where no one’ll bother me like how another would. Here I’m a boy, no one else.

“Okay, everyone,” Ian announced, “Let’s get going. Capt. Arrow, you're in charge of making an omelet, the rest you guys... go do a workout.”

    “Why can’t I workout out too,” Arrow complained marching off along with the others.

    “And as for the Turkey Kings,” Enzo demanded, “Asher, Leo, practice battling each other, Finn, Faye and Foxie, polish your groups Beys, Corn, go join Kaurara, and lastly, you, Dixy, uh… go supervise Capt Arrow!”

    “Dixy, let him go,” Corn told Dixy as he and everyone got to their business, “If he wanna split, so be it. ”

“He’s right, Dixy,” I convinced without thinking, “See, I’ve faced pretty tough times… no matter what… how… I can’t just go back. No one accepts me but… all of you.”

“Except us? They just see you as another person, like them,” Dixy nodded, “But these guys… this is no ‘natural training.’”

“Huh? What’s that mean, huh pal?” I asked puzzled, “Oh, like I care. If it means getting stronger… I’ll stay until I do. After All, if people notice that, they won’t bully me no more. It really sickens me, Dixy.”

And with that, I stomped away letting go of Dixy. Why didn’t she want me to stay? Exactly what do they do here? I have no idea. But they won’t harm me, right?

Kira's Story
Kira is officially joining this mysterious Organization... Duh-duh-duh
Chapt. 6: Coming Soon

Don't own Beyblade
Shogun World
Two members of Ninja Dragoon drops out from the World Tournament. Lexa, a blader who's back from a 7 year suspension, really wants to win the Replacement Tournaments. People don't respect Lexa so much, because of why he was suspended and he doesn't let anyone win. It will take someone of the same blood of Lexa... someone he thinks he had killed... but he will soon learn the truth, and realizes his dream would be cool... but watching a brother in it is better.
Luckily this time the tournament won't have any obstacles... so everyone thinks. Only the TBF knew there were more DNA bladers, but they even learn they're still on the loose. Doji had secretly planned some plan B, and forced them to carry it out IF the higher group fails him by befriending Zero. They are being led by an enemy who Bey that contains an even darker power then Bahamut. Will the Ninja Dragoons, and their friends old and new be able to save the World Tournament? Or will everyone start battling unfairly in order to face Unknown Soul? The one who does will...

Beyblade: Shogun World: Chapt. 1Team SOS
Two members of Ninja Dragoon drops out from the World Tournament. Lexa, a blader who's back from a 7 year suspension, really wants to win the Replacement Tournaments. People don't respect Lexa so much, because of why he was suspended and he doesn't let anyone win. 
Fave and Comment!-----Do not own Beyblade!
Lexa: WBBA cyclone stadium… (Runs insidShogun Worlde) I’m back! Lexa Hay- uh…
Random blader 1: What?
Random blader 2: He’s back, been too long, Lexa
Lexa: Way too long, so, when the World Torment coming? Sure hope to end up on your team!
Random Blader 1: Team? Sorry, but um… a team already has been put together
Random Blader 2: Yeah, full of Japan’s bests bladers, some of them at least
Lexa: Best… but I’m the best… right?
Random Blader 1: Best? You shouldn’t even be blading!
Lexa: Wha- but… er… I’ve changed!
Random Blader 1: The rules have changed
Lexa: Hm?
Random Blader 2: Y

Chapt. 1

Shogun Legends
After a successful World Tournament, everyone's training for the next one already begins. But then a new enemy with one destructive power comes with a goal of collect the rest of the Dark Bladers and to wipe out any other strong opponents including The Ninja Dragoon team, TBF and the newly form Wildfire Family. These Dark Bladers seem to be part of a prophecy, and the Crisis of Nemesis was the beginning of what the book calls "Light vs. Dark war." The Season and Planet Bladers were already formed, but now more must be formed to Defeat the Dark Bladers.

Extreme Future
Another generation after the events of Shogun Legends, some of the Beyblading population had gone down leaving Metal Bey City Deserted. Even Zero and his friends he first made moved on. Determined the Beyblade will never end, WBBA secretly puts together the Beyblade Research And Modernization Organization (B.R.A.M.O). At B.R.A.M.O the remaining young citizens take part in experiments and tests testing out the new prototype Beys that will hopefully shape up Beyblade again. One day, a Beyblader wannabe accidentally trespasses into the B.R.A.M.O center. At first, she isn’t welcomed, but eventually she becomes part of the project too.
There’s a double agent among the subjects. An agent that works for Zeus’ Hikari Co, a company being runned by someone from the same tree as former enemies. Taking the same routes of both Hades Inc. and DNA  that made their members overwhelming powerful, expect with a double twist, the B.R.A.M.O are forced to bring the new generation Beys out to public in order to stop them. Will they be able to?


   Like what title says, it's the preliminary round of The Ninja Dragons Tournaments. Lexa has such a winning streak, burning every single opponent. But, after bumping into a questionable face, he then is told about the TBF and gets an urge to burn them. Meanwhile, former formerly fans of Lexa, Kata and Toju are scared to see Kira, from what he claimed when they last met. The two boys decide to follow Kira instead.


Don't own Beyblade!

Zero: Whoa, sure are a lot of bladers here!

Ren: I can’t wait to know our new opponents are!

Shinobo: They’d be strong as the brothers, I hope

Zero: They will be, I guarantee it!

Ren: Yeah!

Blader DJ (walks by bladers): Are you ready? Cause the torment begins in just five minutes!

Zero: Oh yeah!

Maru: Look, there’s the entire Bridge to the Future, guys!

Zero: And Sakyo, along with Tonnoske!

Madoka: Yeah.  Didn’t you forget… their already on (Notices Koyoa and Lexa) It’s Gingka’s rival Koyoa

Ren: And the Lexa guy (Groans)

Zero: Sure is!

Maru: He’s still so hot!

Ren: Very hot…Madoka hasn’t even fixed Phoenix's damage from him yet

Blader DJ: two more minutes now!


Toju (in front of Lexa): Hey! I’m your biggest fan!

Lexa: Great! I’m still known then!

Toju: Yep! I dream to be on the team with you, Lexa!

Lexa: Sorry. Already got someone, kid

Toju: Wha- bu- I promised… (Runs off in tears)

Koyoa: What’s his problem?

Lexa: Don’t know. (Looks around) So, looks like this thing has gotten even more popular. I’m loving it already!

(Kraken enters the line)

Kraken: I made it! I will be traveling the world for sure!

Male voice: No, I will crab!

Kraken (Turning to find another blader) who are you?

Blader: Testya, crab

Kraken: You must like crabs…

Testya: I crabby do! (Smiles weirdly)

Kraken: Do what?

Testya: Like crabby crabs!

Kraken: That’s what I thought

Testya: I know, crab

Kraken: Huh? Don’t tell me I said that out loud…

Testya: Crabby did!

Kraken: Why! Why do I say my thoughts out loud!

Spike: This will be quite the slugfest! (Punches in air)

Capt. Arrow: Justice is on my side!

Genjiro:  I thought this was about blader’s spirit? I still have a bad feeling about this…

Yoshio: We doing this for fun this time. Not just making sure anyone else wins, no one here’s up to that

Spike: I still can be exited, can’t I?

Kira: Of course, we all are too

(Back inside)

DJ: It is TIME! Zero?

Zero: Welcome everybody! (Opening the doors)

(Everybody rushes inside)

Gingka (Over P.A): Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Team Ninja Dragoons replacement tournament!

Bladers: YEAH!

Toju: And Lexa won’t bring us…

Kata: Oh well… we can beat him to it anyway!

Toju: We’ll be his first opponents!

Tubassa (Over P.A): Now, please listen carefully to the rules… breaking them will result in immediate pull out!  First of all, tag-teaming will be allowed, but only two per team…

Kraken: Let’s be partners

Testya: Ooh… I’d love that, crabbycakes!

Gingka: And, the use of syncromed Beys is not allowed!

Lexa: Huh? What types of Bey is that?

Koyoa: I dunno… what’s syncrome?

Random Blader: Oh, well, you two have older Beys, so, um, it would be impossible to take it apart and combine in with another’s Bey

Tubassa: Unlike the Neo blader’s tournament, one lose won’t make you’re chances to get in the finals suffer. Instead you’ll be granted one point for each win. The top sixteen with the highest scores will move on to the next round!

Gingka: Blader’s are you ready! Come out and Let it rip!

(And so…)

Testya: Crabby loves fire, Right, Mad Gasher?

Lexa: Does he, mm…

Koyoa (From below): Don’t listen to that guy!

Lexa: I’m not!  Fire dancer, go even faster! Thirteenth Speed!

Testya: Crabby what?

Lexa: My Bey is now going faster!

Kraken: Well, that’s quite obvious!

(CLASH, thud)

(Flames clear)

Testya: CRABBY! I promised that other guy crab…

Kraken: Don’t call me a crab!

Lexa: Sorry, but, gotta live my dream, got it memorized?

Koyoa: He has promised me a spot too… Leon, get that say, I’ll better be looking for an opponent (walks away)

Lexa: Kay (Jumps down and heads other way) Wonder what strong man can face my fire now… (Evil laugh)

(Lexa goes searching for next partner)

Lexa: Let’s see here… (Notices Kira) Hey, that kid looks just like… (Walks closer)

Kira: Hmm… (Notices Lexa coming toward him)

(Lexa stares at Kira)

Kira (gasps, thinking): Lexa? But how… (Backs away)

Lexa: Whoa, wait! I didn’t mean to scare ya. Have a name?

Kira: Huh? Oh, uh it’s… K-Kira…

Lexa (Widens eyes): Kira you say? Aw man…

Kira: What?

Lexa: Oh, nothing… say, want a battle?

Kira: Actually, I already got someone, else

Lexa: Okay. I understand, Kira (scratches head)

Kira: See you later… (Runs off)

Lexa (Thinking): So… similar to bro (Shrugs and counties search) Too similar…

Maru (chases after Lexa): Who’s so similar to whom?

Lexa: Huh? Oh, uh… um…

Maru: If you want to battle a BTF guy… why don’t you ask…? (Looks around)

Lexa: BTF?

Maru: The Bridge to the Future, their group of really strong bladers. You know, one of them is guaranteed one spot

Lexa: Strong Bladers, huh? Just I’m searching for. Where’s a member? I’ll knocked out that guaranteed spot

Maru: Hmm… I don’t see any of them now… but… you’ll see who they are

Lexa: Sure… thanks!

Zero: Hey, Tubassa, how’re the scores looking?

Tubassa:  Excellent. So far… our leaders are… Kira, Yoshio, and Capt. Arrow…

Ren (moaning): Oh, come on! That’s the same trio who made it to-

Shinobo: No Ren, they’re different now. Remember? The only reason the got to the upper levels then is cause, well of the gene

Ren (Sigh): True. And the others?

Tubassa: Testya Watergani is coming pretty close…

Gingka (shocked): That guy’s still alive!

Tubassa: And Mushroom… oh, Koyoa Tategami is too…

Benki: My dear Koyoa… KNOCK LEXA OUT! YOU HEAR ME!

Tubassa: And finally, in first place we got… Lexa Hayama… sorry, Benki

Sakyo: Lexa Hayama…

Tonnoske: Does that guy happen to be…

Zero: Nah… pretty funny though I do say… I started to think that too… (Chuckles)

Tubassa: Hm? Happen to be whom what exactly?

Zero: Huh?

Tubassa (Thinking): Yes… their right… (Out loud) Gingka, come… the rest of you… go off…

Gingka (As the others leave): What?

Tubassa: You were away at the time of this… but…

Toju: Oh-oh…

Kata: It’s… him…

Toju: He’s here to... to revenge us

Kira (Walking up to the boys): Revenge you?

Toju (Shakes): That’s what you said… the last we met…

Kata: Battle us, then? After all… Lexa won’t…

Kira: Lexa… (Turns) You refused to battle me!

Toju: Refuse? Have you forgotten?

Kata: Hey, look, it’s a new femboy… just look at her!

Toju: New? (Laughs) Are you crazy! That’s… are you that kid? I thought you’d killed yourself?

Kata: Ha! It is Kira!

Toju: Looking girly as ever…

Kira (Covers self): Stop it!

Toju: What’re doing, girly? Finding a playmate?

Kata: We don’t play with your kind!

Kira: But I have a new toy. A strong toy! It’ll prove my power!

Toju: New toy? Ha, I bet it’s even weaker than snooper!

Kata: Go and kill yourself, kid

Kira: (Gasp) Hm… hm… (Watches kids join a group) A battle?

(Releases Bey)


Toju: Afterwards you called vengeance in several years sharp!

Kira: Vengeance?

Kata: Well… yeah…

Kira: Oh, what slowpokes you two are (Chuckle) attempting to take over blading was the revenge plan

Toju: So… you forgive us, then?

Kira: Not really…  wait, Lexa’s really here?

Kata: Huh-uh. But… I think we may want to follow you instead

Toju: We both only have about five hundred points altogether… we wanted to beat Lexa

Kata: He’s way too good. He keeps burning other Beys

Toju: He’s unfair! Like how he and the others beat you… but worse!

Kata: He even got Leon’s Koyoa on his side

Toju: Hey, maybe if we show him your still alive-

Kira: Whoa-whoa… now way, kid. Don’t tell him anything

Toju: Wh-why not?

Kata: He’s right. Lexa won’t believe us… he’s too focused on winning to listen anyway

Toju: Yeah, but…

Gingka (Over P.A): Bladers! We’ve reach the final quarter of Ninja Dragoon Preminaries! Here’s the list of the top sixteen bladers thus far! Hurry, you may knock out someone already on the list!

Kata: Whoa… Lexa’s top one!

Kira: At least you two fall in last. Maybe you’ll be paired up with Lexa anyway

Toju: What if you are?

Kira: Uh… one match at a time, okay. If you battle me, there would be no way too loose your place, since I’m on it as well

Toju/Kata: You’ll battle with us!

Kira: I will not go easy on you though!

Genjiro: Aren’t you Koyoa Tategami?

Spike: Oh, yeah you were the spring blader, right?

Koyoa: Yes, I helped defeat nemesis, but I still prefer being a loner. Battle me. I need to win… win to teach someone a lesson about Blader’s Spirit in the finals!

Genjiro: Who?

Koyoa: That Lexa Hayama guy… he’s a real predator and needs to be stopped. That’s the only reason I’m here at all

Spike: Hayama? Ha, uh…

Genjiro: Is he related to Kira?

Koyoa: Get real! The only brother he had, he killed him!

Spike (Thinking): This is sounding kinda familiar… (Out loud) let’s fight! My Zirago won’t play easy!

Toju: Isn’t that…


Toju: That’s that guy that was with Lexa!

Kira: Koyoa is his name, right? Whatever, my Behemoth is stronger than his Bey anyway

Kata: Uh… that’s kinda mean

Toju: No, he’s right… he won’t win against two other modernized Beys. Fang Leon’s an oldie

Kata: Behemoth’s a DNA Bey. Even though it’s not the same as Neo Bladers… still it’s an actual challenge, unlike Chirper ever was… gives him a big challenge too. That’s our fun in Beyblade, right?

Toju: A challenge, alright then, let’s just focus on ours… we’ll make the team with Lexa, even if he likes it or not

Kira: Lexa? Hello, what about me!?

Kata: C’mon Toju. Lexa is too unjust… you know what he did; we all did because of him. I think I rather follow some girly-boy instead… he’s a better guy then that meanie Lexa! He treats us how he did with Kira back then… you see?

Toju: Uh… (Sees explosion) yeah… your right! He just burned a Bey!

Kira: That’s more like it, but there’s only problem. Both of you can’t come on the team with me, if I win at all (Gets in launching position)

Toju/Kata: We have faith in you! (Gets in launching position)

Koyoa: Were they just talking about Lexa?

Spike: Ignore them, Tiger!

Koyoa: Lion!

Genjiro: Oh, they’re both some big wild cats

Koyoa: Am I the king of beasts, not just some wild cat!

Spike: Heh! Let’s just get going! (Launch position)

Koyoa: He-he… remember blow it… for Lexa’s sake

Spike: Beyblade is for fun, not for deciding who will win beforehand. Three…

Koyoa: Two!

Kata/Toju: Let it rip!

Toju: My Gravity Kerbecs has become stronger since you last watch us battle

Kata: Yeah, we battle more maturely then we used to. Since you introduced us to that Bey… we decided to become more serious. We even skipped Neo because’ we were kinda afraid you’ll break our Beys for your revenge. I love my Galaxy Cetus way too much!

Toju: But seeing you fight fair with Zero… we thought you still had something up your very sleeve

Kira: What would it be?

Kata: To lead the world still of course

Kira: I didn't even know what I was thinking. Ruling the world’s not so easy. I think I prefer making bonds instead, my pals. Behemoth, prove what I just said!


Kata: Wow… it’s true. We can’t directly attack Behemoth itself

Toju: Hmm… this sure ain’t girly fighting like what’re used too. We are up against opponent worth actually trying to win

Kata: How do we win?

Toju: Hmm… we’ll just have to be patient.

Kata: Zero had defeated him once, didn’t he?

Toju: The question is how… stay away Kerbecs!

Kata: You too, my Cetus!

Kira: That trick? Sure then,  catch Behemoth if you can


Toju: Whoa…

Kira: That is Lexa…

Spike: Another slugfester?

Genjiro: What a warrior, huh?

Koyoa: See, that was Lexa’s unfair style! I need to beat ya to knock you two down!

Genjiro: Like we care

Lexa: Next?

Akyua: Say, nice style fellah. If ya beat my Gargoyle, maybe I’ll hire you to venge someone for me!

Lexa: Um… sorry, Akyua, but you're already on the top. If I lose, I’d go to place 13 like your in now (Walks away)

Akuya: Raincheck then? I understand, I’m done for now too... (turns to another blader) not

Spike: Get him, Zirago!

Genjiro: Do you know who we are? We are the Bridge to the Future. A group with one big spirit. Even if you don’t make it to the finals, I promise one of us will be there to teach that Lexa dude

Koyoa: I don’t care who you are. I’m the only one that can convince him!

Spike: If you don’t believe us, ask the guy over there (Points to Kira) he’s our leader

Koyoa: That’s your leader, huh? I manage my own business

Kira (Calling to Koyoa): Maybe he’s right

Toju: Yeah, they’re good guys!

Kata: I know he’ll win. He said it last night, when I found out Lexa was showing up

Kira: Back to our battle, guys!

Koyoa: Hmm…

Lexa (Launches Bey) INTERNAL BONFIRE!

Genjiro/Spike: What?

Koyoa: LEXA! This was my fight!

Lexa: You kept on saying I need a lesson. Here’s prove you're wrong!

Koyoa: Well, at least I’m not off the list

(Flames clear)

Genjiro: Ours Beys!

Spike: That’s not what the future wants!

Kata: Good god

Toju: That is so rotten!

Kata: We’re feeling it now, Kira

Kira: I can’t believe it. That wasn’t how he fought then, right? Besides being against me

Toju: Now I see why we should hide you

Kira: Hide me? Oh, but I’m not backing that far, pal. But, yes, he’ll wanna rid me if he finds out

Kata: Are you sure?

Kira: Lexa may look strong, but don’t fear. He won’t last

Toju: I don’t know…

Gingka (Over P.A) 10 more minutes!

Toju: Let’s finish up! Here's our long awaited joint special move. Ready, Kata?

Kata: Yeah, I wanna teach Lexa now

Toju/Kata: Joint Special Move: EMERGENCY LAUNCH!

Kira: It’s only a combo of both of your special moves. I’ve invented an air move, though! Special Move: Iron Air Swing!

(Crash, thud)

Kata: Awe… we lost…

Toju: But, we’re still going on though

Kata: I know

Kira: Maybe we’ll have a rematch (Jumps off)

Shogun World: Chapt. 2


   Like what title says, it's the preliminary round of The Ninja Dragons Tournaments. Lexa has such a winning streak, burning every single opponent. But, after bumping into a questionable face, he then is told about the TBF and gets an urge to burn them. Meanwhile, former formerly fans of Lexa, Kata and Toju are scared to see Kira, from what he claimed when they last met. The two boys decide to follow Kira instead.


Don't own Beyblade

To Die, Not to Die by FurryFilmaker
To Die, Not to Die
First Death Note Fanart

Like what I did what I did for the Dark Nebula again peeps, I'll grade my self on these two characters (I don't grade OCs)

Fan Art Rating Scale

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7- Could be better

6-Not so bad

5- Half/Half

4- Eh…

3- Weird

2- BAD

    1-      Is that supposed to be __________?
Mihael (Mello): 8.75
Matt: 9.25
What would you grade me? Comment!

These 2 characters belong to Tsugumi Ohba
Nabirax belongs to :iconfurryfilmaker:



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Hello Peeps,

I’ve had a DeviantArt for 1.5 years now. Sadly, I haven’t done that much on it, but I’ll try to change that. Make it more interesting for viewers and watchers. And finally introduce my other OCs, besides the ones I posted already.

                My title character is Furry Filmmaker, in case you didn’t know. She’s been the one who protects her home Isle. Insane. And she’s a… a furry… duh! Yes, I like F.F, being the pinkest cat in the world. Here’s what I really want to say:: Furry Filmmaker is NOT my icon OC anymore. Don’t worry; the poor cat hasn’t been fully abandoned. Now my signature character is Furi… an original design of Furry, but human. I will upload a pic of Furi soon, and Furry Filmmaker too.

                What will I upload? I’ll be uploading FANnart and FANfiction of my favorite FANdoms. FANdoms of Kingdom Hearts, Beyblade and other anime, TV show, video-game or movie. I’ll post my OCs, who may live  in either the FANdoms I mentioned, ones completely from my head, or both depending on their story roles. Finally, I’m going to start literature entries called Furi’s Fudging Fandoms. Here you’ll read about where you may read news, top 15, theories…. Etc. concerning my FANdoms.

                Thanks for reading,



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